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Fire engineering construction requirements

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 Fire engineering is a very social work, and only by relying on the strength of the whole society can we pay more attention to, support and participate in the whole society。The sociality of Tianjin fire engineering;The emergence of Tianjin fire protection project, let us realize the importance of safety, only the active participation of the people, in order to control and eliminate the occurrence of fire accidents, which determines the mass nature of fire protection work。


Tianjin Fire Engineering

        When installing fire fighting equipment, fire fighting equipment, equipment and facilities are essential weapons for fire fighting。Only by being familiar with the technical performance of fire fighting equipment, equipment and facilities can we master the scope of use (object), use and maintenance requirements, educate employees to use fire fighting equipment correctly, and give full play to the role of fire fighting。ING equipment。Under the action of fire extinguishing, fire extinguishing in time。This paper mainly introduces the basic knowledge of several commonly used fire extinguishing agents and fire extinguishing equipment。Fire is accompanied by the invention and use of fire, it is closely related to the development of human civilization。With the development of economy and society and the change of human activity pattern, the occurrence of fire shows certain changing rules and characteristics。The development of human life and health, economic prosperity and the continuous expansion of fire safety needs are the direct guidance and driving force for the development and innovation of fire science and fire technology。Analysis of the fire situation related to the development of fire science and fire technology。In the construction of fire engineering, it is necessary to master more systematic basic scientific theories, more extensive professional technical theories and more solid professional knowledge, have the necessary drawing, operation, experiment, test and basic technical skills, and have a strong computer application and management ability, as well as the research and development of new technologies and new technologies。Initial development capability。

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