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Tianjin fire maintenance inspection content

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Tianjin fire maintenance inspection content

  Tianjin fire protection maintenance is a prerequisite for the normal function of the fire protection system,In accordance with the national "Code for Construction and Acceptance of automatic fire alarm System", "Code for Construction and Acceptance of automatic sprinkler System", "Technical Regulations for Testing building fire control facilities", "General Technical requirements for fire control room" and other regulations,Combine with the actual equipment and management requirements of Party A,In order to make the whole maintenance work systematized and standardized,Make the whole system always in good running state。The maintenance of fire protection facilities is based on the purpose of "prevention first and combination of prevention and elimination"。

一. Tianjin Fire maintenance daily maintenance

Sample test part of the equipment according to the plan every month, so that all the equipment is tested within a year。Ensure the normal operation of the equipment。

Conduct a comprehensive inspection every quarter or half a year (depending on the size of the fire control project), and deal with problems in time。

Every year with the company's professional fire detection team to carry out detailed fire testing, including fire facilities testing and fire electrical performance testing。Issue regular test report and report to fire department for record。

  Professional detector cleaning factory, every other year to complete the cleaning of all detectors。

Assist or be fully responsible for the business with the fire department to ensure that other work is not delayed due to fire problems。

Depending on the size of the fire protection project, the company can send special personnel to work in residence to help deal with daily problems。

二. Emergency maintenance

  The company promises to solve general problems within 24 hours, and serious or urgent problems will be rushed to the scene in the shortest possible time。

Maintain close cooperative relationship with Party A with honest service attitude, pay attention to communication between each other, and solve problems through negotiation。

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