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Tianjin fire engineering transformation is of great significance

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Tianjin fire engineering transformation is of great significance

  Tianjin fire engineering is an indispensable set of safety and prevention system in modern buildings, especially in the indoor basic equipment of high-rise buildings, which is often used to detect indoor fire alarms, automatic fire suppression, assist personnel evacuation, and provide users with a safe living and office environment。

Tianjin fire engineering has a certain degree of independence in professional technology, functional support and other aspects, so it is generally responsible for the design, construction or transformation of professional companies。

  The pipes, equipment and interior decoration of Tianjin fire engineering have a certain mutual influence,Usually with construction;In the later maintenance work,It also needs some cooperation in building decoration,To reduce coordination effort,Simplify project management,It can be led by architectural decoration enterprises,General contracting,Professional subcontracting of fire engineering。

In order to strengthen fire management work,The relevant departments of the state require Party A to carry out construction renovation before,Must go through "building fire design review" procedures,Apply for "Construction fire approval" before construction,After the completion of work must go through the "building fire acceptance" procedures before use,Because these procedures have certain special requirements,Generally entrust the fire agency。

  In the case of failure of automatic fire protection system, weak responsibility of duty personnel or no one on duty, a carelessly discarded cigarette butt, an aging or overloaded power line is very likely to cause a disaster。A large number of fire cases prove that the main reason for the occurrence of fire, especially the occurrence of large and malignant fire is that the fire fighting facilities fail to play a role or the personnel on duty dispose of the improper。Therefore, improve fire safety awareness;Make repair and maintenance of automatic fire fighting system and fire extinguishing system;It is of great significance for both of us to be responsible for the daily management and operation of fire fighting equipment by trained qualified personnel。

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